solar flagpole

These flagpoles are environmentally friendly and can be placed in any location that receives direct sunlight. Portable Flagpole: A portable flagpole is one that can be easily transported from one location to another. These flagpoles are often used at temporary events, such as parades or fairs.

Small national flags of the Qatar on a white background.

In-Ground Flagpole

An in-ground flagpole is one that is installed into the ground. These flagpoles are typically used in permanent locations, such as parks or government buildings. Commercial Flagpole: A commercial flagpole is one that is designed for use in a business setting. These flagpoles are often taller and sturdier than residential flagpoles.


Residential Flagpole

Residential Flagpole: A residential flagpole is one that is designed for use at a home. These flagpoles are typically smaller and less expensive than commercial flagpoles A custom flagpole is one that is made to specific specifications. These flagpoles can be made from any material and can be any size or shape. Learn more about flaggstang .

Agia Kyriaki Orthodox church with red dome and Greek flag waving against blue sky on the Mykonos island, Greece


There are many different accessories that can be used with flagpoles. These accessories can be used to improve the appearance of the flagpole or to make it more functional. Some of the most popular flagpole accessories include: Flag Arrangement: A flag arrangement is a group of flags that are flown from a single flagpole.

Custom Flagpole

Flagpole Bracket

Flagpole Bracket: A flagpole bracket is a device that is used to mount a flagpole to a wall or other surface .Flagpole Light: A flagpole light is a device that is used to illuminate the flag at night. Flagpole Ornament: A flagpole ornament is a decorative item that is added to the top of the flagpole

Inglewood, CA, USA, January 2022: The flag with the NFL logo waving in the wind with the US flag blurred in the background. The National Football League is a professional American football league

Display Flags

Flagpoles are tall

Flagpoles are tall, slender poles that are used to display flags. There are many different types of flagpoles available on the market, each with its own set of features and benefits. Accessories can be used to improve the appearance or functionality of the flagpole. When choosing a flagpole, it is important to consider the intended use and location. The word “flagpole” can refer to a wide variety of different pole-like objects. In the United States, for example, flagpoles are typically erected near government buildings. Find out more detail about søyler .


government buildings on national holidays

 The term “flagpole” is used for the pole that supports one end of a flag such as those typically flown from government buildings on national holidays or special occasions in countries such as the United States and Great Britain, where they are sometimes referred to as flagpoles by legislative mandate. Many city halls fly their flags on a raised flagpole in front of their building. A flagpole can also be an elevated section of a building, especially in crowded cities such as New York, where they are often called skyscraper flagpoles. A flagpole or staff may also be used to transmit radio signals. It is also a part of architecture used in buildings, such as the pole in front of Notre Dame Cathedral, which is more commonly referred to as a spire due to its height and shape.



spar of a sailboat

There are other uses for flagpoles for example: carrying the mast or spar of a sailboat; being an engineering structure for building antennas; and some other uses that have yet to be discovered. Flagpoles can be used to indicate places such as the start or finish point of a race and to honor people such as with a memorial flagpole. A simple flagpole is an inexpensive way to advertise one’s business, especially in small towns and rural areas where billboard advertising would be impractical. 


At special events

At special events, flagpoles can be seen in front of government buildings, churches, schools and sometimes even private homes displaying their support for the event or cause being promoted by displaying them from the top of a tall pole. A flagpole, when used as a radio transmission mast, can be used to transmit signals that allow communications such as information sharing and broadcasting commercial messages, as well as emergency communications such as weather related alerts.