Taken Outside

The purpose of a flagpole is to create an enduring symbol that is different from other objects (like a street sign or house). This symbolism enables the flag to be seen from far distances and is even visible in bad weather or at night. Taken Outside

Small national flags of the Qatar on a white background.

Portable Stands

Stands – Portable stands to hold flags that can be carried in a go-bag or otherwise taken outside. Flagpoles – Large vertical or horizontal poles used to support flags which are hung at the top and flown over crowds during parades or flyovers at military bases and other events. Flagstaffs – Vertical poles often with an attached crossbar for use as a pole barn stall (otherwise known as a flagpole barn). Flagpoles are planted in the ground (standing). They are set at different angles for different purposes.


Private Homes

Flagpoles are made of metal or wood and have large surfaces, generally comparable to those of a flag itself. Flagpoles can carry flags up to the size of a mid-sized building and are usually placed at the front of a building or on the roof (if they are not mounted vertically) indicating where the building’s occupants or visitors may find it. Flying a flag is a universal symbol for being open for business, summoning, or having authority for someone to come to the building. Flagpoles are usually located on top of government buildings, as well as schools and private homes.

Agia Kyriaki Orthodox church with red dome and Greek flag waving against blue sky on the Mykonos island, Greece


These flagpoles are attached to the back of a truck and are often seen at parades and other public events. Truck-mounted flagpoles are usually made of aluminum or steel. This type of flagpole is buried into the ground and is usually made of heavy-duty metal. The in-ground flagpole can be used for either residential or commercial purposes Portable flagpoles are usually made of wood or aluminum and can be carried by hand or attached to a vehicle. They are often used at festivals and parades. Flagpoles are a very common and recognized symbol of patriotism, loyalty, or nationalism.

Truck-mounted flagpoles

State Flag

They can be used to display a national flag, state flag, military flag, or private corporate flag. There are a wide variety of different types of flagpoles that can be used for different situations. Flagpoles can also be used in everyday settings to show affection for one’s country or favorite sport team.

Inglewood, CA, USA, January 2022: The flag with the NFL logo waving in the wind with the US flag blurred in the background. The National Football League is a professional American football league


banners and flags

A flagpole is a tall pole which displays a country’s flag. Flagpoles are used to display banners and flags, by their nature, have been used since ancient times. In the age of technology, it is more useful than ever to find ways of displaying and viewing the right information in the right place at the right time. A flagpole basket is attached to the top of the pole or banner pole and carries the flags that are flown on it. It can be attached to either wood or metal poles with different types of brackets that have different methods for attaching themselves at different heights on either type of poles. A flagpole arm is a part of a pole that connects the base with the top section of the pole where the flag flies from.

National Fags

made from metal

 A flagpole is either made from metal, rung, or wood. The metal flagpoles are the most commonly used pole for displaying national flags on a building’s facade . The metal flagpoles are also the ones that are highly visible and easily visible from any distance away as well as normally being bolder than smaller rungs in contrast to their size. Rung is one of the most widely used types of flagpoles, they are long and are usually taller than ordinary poles. They can easily be found on colleges, schools and even churches.


Newest Type

The newest type of flagpole

The newest type of flagpole to be considered is wood flag pole. These flagpoles are much more expensive to build than other types but it is also clear that they are also more durable and elegant in comparison to metal ones. The flagpole arm also keeps the pole from collapsing while the flag is flying, allowing it to last longer than a metal pole. Flagpole arms have been designed to be able to withstand winds in excess of 180 mph. There are many different types of flagpoles that use different flags on them. The most common type is a national flag but other types of flags can be found on flagpoles as well.

Flagpole is Called

flagpole house

The final type of flagpole is called a flagpole house and this structure serves the purpose of holding a flag on display up in the air. This can be seen on top of government buildings and school’s as well as some private residences but this structure can even be found away from larger buildings and can even be found on private homes.

Flagpole brackets are normally found in pairs and serve the purpose of holding the  flag in place until it is hoisted up the pole. Wood brackets do not require fasteners for them to attach themselves to the pole and thus allow for easy removal of the bracket without any damage to the pole or bracket itself.